We’ve been practicing yoga with CorePower Yoga ever since we had the chance to partner with them at our Photo Mixer (you remember: that crazy photo party we did with free headshots, a photo booth, and a killer raffle). We’ve loved every minute of our time with them and have gotten a couple fun chances to make some yoga photos along the way. CorePower Yoga, does some really great things (in addition to having awesome yoga classes and fantastic staff). A couple months ago, they took some of their teachers-in-training downtown Seattle to run a morning yoga workshop for some homeless children who are a part of Mary’s Place (another organization that does some really great things here in Seattle). They asked if we’d be up for coming along. Another great chance to make some fun yoga photos? Yes please! I spent the morning with the crew capturing the moments of concentration, flexibility, silliness and laughter. Here are some of our photos from the day. And I’m sure you’ll see more yoga photos our friendship with Core Power in the future. Enjoy! karma yoga for blog 1 karma yoga for blog 2.2 karma yoga for blog 3 karma yoga for blog 4 karma yoga for blog 5