Remember who you are.

We’re on a mission to capture your present, so you can remember your past, and create a better future.


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Our Offerings

National commercial campaigns? Check.
Small business website? Check.
Crazy collaborations? Check.
No idea, you just need photos? Yeah. We do that too.

Let us help you tell a compelling story.
Get the professional equivalent of a right swipe every time. A great headshot tells your professional story. You know you’ve got the chops. It’s time to look like it.

Let us help you and your team look as good as you are.
Peanut butter and jelly smeared on the wall. Mud on the knees. Pretty photos are important, but it’s the real ones that last.

Real life. Real moments. Real feelings. Real people.

Let’s make some magic together.
Spoiler alert: it’s not about the ceremony. Yes, that matters. But it’s really a story of two people in love making the most beautifully absurd commitments: we’re in this forever.

Let’s tell that story.




  • Dan and I just realized that while we feel old right now, we still have SO MUCH life left.  We're pretty stoked to get to spend another lifetime together.  Hopefully we'll look as great as these two 👌
  • Mini headshot 😍 Even small people have big things to do (and need headshots).
  • Editing wedding photos of these two and remembering the unbeatable sunset during their engagement shoot.  The #PNW makes it easy to be a photographer. But also, thoughtful and beautiful humans like Matt and Leah make our job pretty easy.
  • We stopped by Lake Union Park last week on a trip to @glazerscamera and fought through an hour of traffic around Mercer. We finally parked and walked and were much, much happier. Being down there reminded me of this beautiful wedding when the love was strong and the traffic was light.
  • I'm love it when a photo catches a person absorbed in something--a conversation with someone they love or even just some wet sand at sunset.
  • It is such an honor to be a part of celebrations like this. It makes our job so wonderful.

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