Hopefully if you live in Seattle, you’ve been to Carkeek Park. If not, maybe this set of Carkeek Park photos will encourage you to get out and explore the greenery and the beach. It’s such an amazing park.

carkeek park photos

Kris and Kira contacted us to take these family photos right around the time their son turned one. He’s at an amazing stage in his development and it was so fun to watch him read, play, and explore in both the safety of his own home and the great outdoors. The three of them (plus their oh-so-cute dog!) were relaxed and comfortable, which made our job easy.

Day Family 2015-007 Day Family 2015-010

In these photos, you’ll see lots of real moments, smiles, and cuddles—our favorite things to capture in a family shoot. We always aim to create a set of photos that represents the family well and can serve as a reminder of what the moments were like for years to come.

Enjoy these home and Carkeek Park Photos!

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