Prepare to be transported.

It’s a chilly, foggy morning on the Puget Sound. You’re in a cozy yacht at the docks. There is coffee, there are pets, and there is a beautiful, expecting couple.

No, it’s not a dream! I’m pretty excited for you to see the maternity photos we’re showcasing today on the blog. Nick and Michaela live on that cozy yacht on the Puget Sound and have been preparing the boat to be the home for their new baby (coming soon!). We spent a morning with them a few weeks ago, capturing the boat, their pre-baby life, and their “neighborhood”. It was such a fun glimpse into boat life. These two are part of a small—but mighty—sliver of the population that is raising families on boats. Believe it or not, we don’t get too many requests for maternity photos on boats. :)

Enjoy these maternity photos and your window into the boat living world!

And, as always, let the lovely couple know what you think in the comments below.

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