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We Love Audacious Goals

You know the story, don’t you?   A small independent bookstore owner struggles to make it as the oppressive mega-bookstore opens around the corner.  The fearless and suave owner rebrands her shop with new imagery that to help the community realize that her gem of a store is a pillar to the community.  The neighborhood rallies around her, and her business reaches new heights, eventually opening two more locations around the city. When the anonymous friend she’s made online friend is revealed to be one of the mega-store owners, the movie climaxes as Tom Hanks asks the question we’ve all been waiting to hear: “Who did the photos for your web and print campaigns?  They were amazing!” She responds cooly, “Sparkfly”, as she leaves— knowing that her life is quite complete without his help. Maybe that’s not how the movie goes, but those are the kind of audacious goals that we like to help our clients achieve.



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