Nick and Angie chose the longest day of the year for their beautiful Phinney Ridge wedding. And, what a day it was! Sunny, warm, thoughtfully planned, and full of love and laughter. We were thrilled to be a part of it. Nick & Angie Wedding-001 They hosted their out-of-town family and friends at the Shuey House in the U. District, explored beautiful Ravenna Park for their photos, sealed the deal at a church in Phinney Ridge, and celebrated with their lovely guests at the Great Hall at Greenlake. It was delightful at every turn. BLOG Nick-&-Angie-Wedding-120 Nick & Angie Wedding-002 As photographers, we just loved the attention to detail and the mix of texture and color in each of the venues throughout the day. From the classic one-hundred year old Shuey House to the stately and formal Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church to the bright and open Great Hall, we had so much to work with throughout the day. And, on top of all those externals, Nick and Angie were just a pleasure to be with. They were happy, lighthearted, and ready to embrace their special day to the fullest. BLOG Nick-&-Angie-Wedding-037 Nick & Angie Wedding-043 Nick & Angie Wedding-062 BLOG Nick-&-Angie-Wedding-077 Nick & Angie Wedding-059 BLOG Nick-&-Angie-Wedding-055 Thanks, you two, for letting us be a part of your day. Many, many congratulations to you. BLOG Nick-&-Angie-Wedding-305 Nick & Angie Wedding-320 BLOG Nick-&-Angie-Wedding-321 Nick & Angie Wedding-329 Nick & Angie Wedding-332 Nick & Angie Wedding-334 Nick & Angie Wedding-370 Nick & Angie Wedding-098 BLOG-Nick-&-Angie-Wedding-087 Nick & Angie Wedding-106 Nick & Angie Wedding-127 Nick & Angie Wedding-145 Nick & Angie Wedding-416 BLOG-Nick-&-Angie-Wedding-405 Nick & Angie Wedding-414 Nick & Angie Wedding-413 Nick & Angie Wedding-469 Nick & Angie Wedding-487 Nick & Angie Wedding-490 Nick & Angie Wedding-517 Nick & Angie Wedding-518 Nick & Angie Wedding-535 BLOG-Nick-&-Angie-Wedding-595 Nick & Angie Wedding-600 Nick & Angie Wedding-633 Nick & Angie Wedding-658 Nick & Angie Wedding-581 Nick & Angie Wedding-570 Nick & Angie Wedding-573-2