It is always a treat to take maternity photos for first-time parents. It’s such an incredibly special time of life & anticipation. So, what you’ll see below is Part 1 of a three-part series. I think you’re going to love every piece of the series. C+T Maternity-006 Today we’re sharing a relaxed and oh-so-sweet set of photos in Chad and Trishelle’s home. These two let us join them for a morning at home and even showed us a few of the baby things that they’ve been collecting. It was a treat to see the way they are preparing for the new addition to their family. C+T Maternity-017 C+T Maternity-015 C+T Maternity-018 C+T Maternity-035 C+T Maternity-031 C+T Maternity-062 ct maternity blog2 C+T Maternity-040 C+T Maternity-041 ct maternity blog C+T Maternity-050 C+T Maternity-085 C+T Maternity-077 C+T Maternity-071 And, just a few more that we couldn’t resist. Isn’t she stunning? C+T Maternity-067 C+T Maternity-083 C+T Maternity-082 More to come of these two (actually, three) very, very soon.

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