Weddings can be such a beautiful expression of a couple’s personality, a showcase of the people and things they care deeply about. BK and Allie’s wedding at the Great Hall at Green Lake was a perfect example of such a wedding. They’d thought through every element of the day, keeping the traditional elements they wanted, leaving out what didn’t reflect them, and adding little touches here or there that just perfectly fit them. BK & Allie Wedding-201 As if to illustrate this point, their first stop of the day was at Molly Moon’s in Wallingford. You’ve got to have your priorities, right? It was such a fun start to the day and totally set the tone for the rest of the day. Allie is an Etsy genius, so much of what you’ll see was created custom for them. And take note of the monogram that BK created to brand their day. It’s a beautiful motif that ties so much of the decor together. I think you’re going to love looking through their day. Without further ado, on to the photos!

Great Hall at Green Lake Wedding

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