One delight of being a photographer is seeing a vision become reality. And, in my opinion, Dan has the most beautiful visions. In this case, yoga photography was where his imagination was taking him. He had an idea of a striking set of photos, with moderately dramatic lighting, highlighting the simplicity and beauty of a variety of yoga poses. yoga photography seattle We have the privilege of practicing yoga with many of the fine instructors who helped make this vision a reality. I’m amazed at their flexibility, confidence, and strength. Feel free to give a shout-out in the comments if you see a person or pose you think is amazing!

Enjoy this little foray into yoga photography!

yoga photography seattle yoga-photography-seattle-1 warrior 2 yoga photography yoga photography horse pose yoga seattle Photo by Sparkfly Photography yoga-photography-3 boat pose photos yoga Photo by Sparkfly Photography Photo by Sparkfly Photography yoga photography seattle If you’re inspired by these images, find a local yoga studio and start sweating! We certainly recommend our studio, Core Power Yoga. Or, shoot us an email so we can start making your photography vision a reality.