Seattle has some truly amazing businesses, full of brilliant, talented people and creative products. Maybe I’m biased, but I really think it’s true. We’ve been privileged to partner with some really great businesses. Take Katharine of Telaio. She’s currently in Cambodia leading a sewing workshop to empower women. Amazing. Or, Alexandra of the-best-macarons-you’ll-ever-taste. She’s got a kickstarter going right now for some repairs to her side-kick Volkswagen Gertrude. And, today’s feature:

Fremont Brewing Company

This micro-brewery is just doing so many things right. They’ve got great beer, great ambiance in their taproom, and really lovely people working for them. We did this shoot a few months ago when they were in the middle of a website revision. We love seeing our photos in action on their site. Check them out here or there (or both, I suppose!). Keep looking all the way to the bottom if you want to see photos of the warehouse. It’s kind of amazing! fremont brewing co Fremont Brewing Co.-285 Fremont Brewing Co.-245 Fremont Brewing Co.-241 Fremont Brewing Co.-208 local business photos fremont brewing company fremont brewing company fremont brewing company Fremont Brewing Co.-099 fremont brewing company tasting flight Fremont Brewing Co.-059 seattle microbrewery fremont brewing company good beer fremont brewing And now a behind-the-scenes look at the warehouse… master brewer Fremont Brewing Co.-158 master brewer fremont Fremont Brewing Co.-194 Fremont Brewing Co.-189 Fremont Brewing Co.-145 Fremont Brewing Co.-141 Fremont Brewing Co.-140 fremont brewing warehouse Fremont Brewing Co.-048 Fremont Brewing Co.-044 Fremont Brewing Co.-031 barrel aged beers fremont Fremont Brewing Co.-006 beer cans fremont brewing Fremont Brewing Co.-002 Fremont Brewing Co.-011