In case you didn’t get enough of your family over the holidays, we’re sharing some of the family pictures we took over the past few months. Summer and fall are some of the most popular time for family pictures. And, it’s easy to see why! The sun is out, the weather is usually gorgeous, and people are thinking ahead to their holiday cards. Today’s photos are the third installment in a story we’ve been telling for a while. You saw Chad and Trishelle in their home during a maternity shoot and then on their babymoon to Hawaii. And, today, here are the photos of their sweet baby at three months. We met the three of them at Woodland Park in Seattle on a chilly fall morning. Trishelle and Daphne looked stunning in their flower crowns made by Sara Ewalt of Pinyadayada. We braved the cold as long as we could and then returned to their home where Daphne could warm up and get some sleep. Let these three know what you think of their beautiful photos! Daphne Three Months-004 Daphne Three Months-016 baby flower crown family pictures Daphne Three Months-021 Daphne Three Months-029 Daphne Three Months-036 Daphne Three Months-026 Daphne Three Months-023 woodland park Daphne Three Months-048 family pictures woodland park baby flower crown three month photos Daphne Three Months-090 Daphne Three Months-118 family pictures Daphne Three Months-101