We drove to California over the holidays. Here’s the round-up, through photos and shout-outs, in no particular order.

TW7A6981 Intelligentsia, Venice Beach

TW7A6984 Lemonade, Venice Beach (you should click the link to their site, just to watch their mesmerizing video. I’m a fan of mesmerizing videos).

TW7A6731 scout coffee Scout Coffee, San Luis Obispo

johnson ranch california Johnson Ranch, San Luis Obispo

TW7A6905 TW7A6895 TW7A6863 rosie's dog beach Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach

the getty los angeles california california holidays at the getty The Getty, Los Angeles

san fransisco inner richmond Burma Superstar, San Fransisco – apparently, we were too enthralled with the food to even take a photo. So this is just a photo of the neighborhood (photo credit Ryan Moore).

santa barbara CA Santa Barbara – Why is it always so beautiful there?

Photo by Sparkfly Photography - https://sparkflyphotography.com Family, in a beautiful field at sunset

TW7A6923 TW7A6934 Sunsets, Orange County

TW7A6946 christmas decor california Christmas Decor, a friends house. They know how to do it right.

mt. shasta California Mt. Shasta, Northern California. And why do mountains that seem so huge in real life seem so small in photos?

volvo california Volvos, anywhere

coca-cola life Coca-Cola Life, healthier caffeine for a road trip (and it’s pretty delicious if you like a good cola).

TW7A7018 shadows abbot kinney blvd Shadows, Abbott-Kinney

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