About Dan and Stacia - Sparkfly Photography


There is beauty in every story, and our job is to find it and point it out.

The photos we make tend to be simple and honest— because an honest story doesn't need fixing. The stories we capture are what they are because the people in them are who they are. And we believe that they are beautiful.

We are makers, dreamers, and action-oriented risk takers.

Dan and Stacia Cumberland

Dan and Stacia Cumberland

We live in Seattle with our son and dog.

When we’re not making photos, Dan spends his time helping you discover what you want to do with your life and Stacia conducts a choir and teaches both piano and general music.

Dan and Stacia Cumberland Dan and Stacia Cumberland

(Photos of Dan and Stacia by the amazing Ray and Kelly Siler)

We have a tendency to fall in love, and that’s important to our work. We want to love you and want to be loved by you in return. We’re not the kind of photographers that show up, do the job, and leave. We’re the kind that want to have a relationship with you— to be a welcomed presence in your home, at your wedding, or wherever our adventures may take us together.

Sure, love is a strong word. But the willingness to get close enough to actually feel something is what makes photography meaningful. We want to be impacted by you. We want to remember the work we do with you, as much as we want you to remember it yourselves.

“Remember who you are” isn’t only for you. It’s for all of us. We want to remember.

The more we find common ground and friendship with our clients, the more fun we have and the better our work becomes. When we’re allowed to get close enough to notice the nuances— that’s when our work really comes to life.

Our clients are amazing. They know a thing or two about who they are and what they love in life (even if they don’t think they do). Our clients value authenticity and honesty over having a polished and shiny veneer. In other words, they want a true story to be told. They do things a little differently— maybe untraditionally, or maybe just with their own flare.

Our clients are not afraid to be open and honest (though being afraid of the camera is fine. We can work with that.) They’re not afraid to take some risks or feel some real feelings. We like to invite our clients to do both.

Weddings start at $2100.
Families start at $550.
Headshots start at $325.
Product and commercial work is priced based on the project.
(Prices do not include your local sales tax)

What kind of gear do you use?
We shoot Canon. Our main cameras are the 5dMIII and 5dMII. We have a selections of prime lenses that we use 90% of the time, plus a couple “L series” zoom lenses.

How long have you been shooting?
Dan’s introduction to photography was in childhood. A neighbor taught the kids in his neighborhood to shoot, develop, and print, and thus began his relationship to photography. We shot our first wedding in 2005, and have been shooting professionally ever since.

Do you use lighting?
Sometimes. We make use of available light and supplement with flashes and light modifiers as needed.

What’s your turn around time?
It depends on the project and the season. We aim to have family shoots and weddings turned around in four weeks, though the busy season can slow us down a little bit.

We have no current travel plans. Contact us and let's make some togther!